Entertainment For Freelancers

Nowadays there comes a lot of freelancers, most people think that working as a freelancers especially on the thing related to internet is rock! But in fact it's not really as they thought. As a web designer that already work freelance for about 2 years now, i can say there is always yin and yang, beside the good things, also there is stands bad things on the back.

Can't Install on Joomla Administrator Using Yahoo Web Hosting Service

Are you having problem on developing website on Yahoo Web Hosting? I did! I hope this would be my last problem and work with this so not friendly web hosting with Joomla. The problem is when i always come with error message when i'm installing any component, plugin, or module.

Installing Joomla on Yahoo Web Hosting

It's really iritating when you have client that use a web hosting which is not using usual feature for managing files. This time i get almost deadly stuck with Yahoo Web Hosting Service that is supported by Yahoo Small Business. For me, i already get used to cpanel. And i think most professional web hosting would use that. It's easy to use, manage, and installing third party service for developing your site.

DeviantArt Creative Space Devmeet Join With IDS

Pada 17 April 2010, IDS menggelar acara pameran yang diikuti oleh banyak insan kreatif di Indonesia. Dan pada kesempatan ini, saya tertarik untuk ikut hadir dalam acara DeviantArt Indonesia dengan title Creative Space Devmeet. Sampai di lokasi, yaitu di Epicentrum Citywalk, yang baru saja berdiri di kawasan Setiabudi, sekitar pukul 03.00 sore.

Freelance is Changing My Life

Here i am about to share my thoughts about change your life, and get better carreer. And for sure i would like to say that doing freelance is changing my life. And if you read all of my blog article here, you would see a process why i said that freelance is changing my life.

Belajar Berhemat

Ternyata menurut perhitungan saya 6500 jajanan ini bisa menghasilkan sesuatu, mari belajar berhemat.

Review KlikBCA a Dizzy Planet

I'm not the person who create klikbca website, sure not. But as a web developer, i know somethings called web performance. Here i'm not reviewing about how the site programmed or work, because that is not my usual case. But i just wanna share a little bit about how this site design get performanced. As we see from the attached image above, this site still use left aligned style of website layout.

Fresh! at Central Park, February 2010

Fresh! Online kembali menyelenggarakan acaranya, kali ini 2 kali dalam 1 bulan. Bulan februari ini memang agak spesial, acara diselenggarakan di Central Park pada tanggal 26 February 2010, pukul 19:00 - 21:00. Meskipun Valentine sudah lewat agak lama, tema Fresh! kali ini terkait bertemakan "Finding Digital Love". Acara di host oleh Chandra Marsono dan Catur PW.

Custom 404 Error Page

What is 404 error page? If you try to access some links, but the link didn't exist, you ussually would get error page that we called 404 error page. Few days ago, i got a very nice link related to Creative 404 Error Pages. That's inspiring me to create my own error page, something smashing, funny, and creative for my site. Well it's been done, you might want to see and say something.

Aditeam Company Profile

I also taking hand of the web design and ads design beside of the company profile. Aditeam is a contractor company business related client. Their logo using hard blue color, so it would be better to use that color as dominan color, eventhough i still using other colors such as orange and green, just to make it more brave. This company profile design project are still mock up, but after seeing it and have their review they already like it in a fast. So i'll show case it here.

Workshop Basic Photography Poster Design

This event is about basic training of photography that would be held at Trinitas Church by Komsos Trinitas. I concepted this event to be in red and black, just a simple vector. The poster using sileut of photographers, just to showing that is event for photographers.

Singkawang, Jade of Equator

The photo exhibition presents photographs of Singkawang in various angles, especially it's richness of art and culture. Eight well known photographers represents their masterpiece are Jay Subyakto, Yori Antar, Enrico Soekarno, Sigi Wimala, John Suryaatmadja, Sjaiful Boen, Asfarinal St. Rumah Gadang, and Oscar Matuloh.