GME Architecture

GME Architecture is the professional force at the heart of many Indonesia’s landmark building projects. We offer a broad of affordable and innovative world class quality architectural products that help our clients to be distinctive and superior in their creation. The products we carry are truly global. More than 10,000 projects in over 100 countries with manufacturing bases in America, Europe and Asia continent. The people at GME Architecture are driven to always find a better solution to serve our distinctive client and continuously broaden our architectural products range to help our clients turn their wildest dream into reality.

MozKopdar Jakarta - Firefox OS MWC Updates

Hi Mozillians! Komunitas Mozilla Indonesia akan kembali mengadakan MozKopdar Jakarta pada bulan Maret 2014 ini. Seperti yang kita ketahui, pada 24 - 27 Februari 2014 lalu telah berlangsung event mobile terbesar yaitu Mobile World Congress di Barcelona, Spanyol. Dan Mozilla berpartisipasi dengan Firefox OS pada kesempatan ini. Apa saja yang menarik dari MWC 2014 ini terutama terkait dengan Mozilla dan Firefox OS?

Tema : Firefox OS MWC Updates
Hari/Tanggal : Kamis/27 Maret 2014
Waktu : Pkl. 19.00 - 21.00
Tempat : Coffeebeerian
Alamat : Jalan Panglima Polim IX No. 8A - Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta

PIC : Yofie Setiawan - Mozilla Reps Jakarta, Indonesia - 0859 5959 8224

Free Food & Drink untuk 20 pendaftar pertama!

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Bus Tingkat Tour Jakarta

Senin, 24 Februari 2014 - Akhirnya Bus Tingkat Tour Jakarta dibuka untuk umum. Bus Tingkat ini sempat menjalankan uji coba pada minggu lalu. Selama 3 bulan ke depan, Bus Tingkat ini gratis untuk umum. Apabila tertarik mencoba, bisa menunggu di Halte Bus yang ada tanda “Bus Tour” berwarna biru. Bus ini nantinya rutenya adalah Hotel Indonesia menuju Kota Tua. Bus Tingkat Tour Jakarta ini dioperasikan untuk mendukung pariwisata di Jakarta. Penumpang nya nanti ditujukan untuk turis baik itu dari manca negara maupun domestik.

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Fisik Beyond Sports

This website is an online shop website project. We include the auto-invoice system, using JNE database for shipping. Fisik Beyond Sports are a consumer-centric multi-brand retailer of quality international and domestic branded sports footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories. Customer care is their main priority. Fisik Beyond Sports strive to provide service beyond the best expectations of the most demanding customers. Fisik Beyond Sports background in manufacturing affords us special knowledge on the true quality of a product beyond its face value, which is well reflected by the selection of their products in every price range. Special team services are provided for your convenience. All Fisik Beyond Sports stores are thematically unique but share the same bloodline: stylized, audacious and welcoming. Fisik Beyond Sports believe that every visit must become an experience beyond what is anticipated by their customers.

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Error: The user_id was not found in the database!

My head was hurt when had this issue with Joomla Virtuemart. Then i realize that i was on this same problem few years ago. The thing is that i set my Payment Method using Bank Transfer, then i tried to change it to "Address" method. Then it just works! I think it's because i deleted or change some settings on the Bank Transfer method.

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Bakrie Center Foundation

The Bakrie Center Foundation (BCF), led directly by Anindya Novyan Bakrie and the third generation of the Bakrie family, was founded on this edifice of education. It represents a worldview which is cognizant of the importance of higher education, and supporting ordinary Indonesians across the country with basic vocational skills to lead fulfilling and productive lives. The primary objective is to provide Indonesia’s best and brightest with a chance to study for a higher education at some of the best universities at home and abroad. It is a private sector initiative to identify and develop leaders in Indonesia, creating a talent pool that will eventually drive economic development and growth.

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AHA, Smartfren, Bolt 4G - Modem Terbaik


Saya membandingkan 3 mobile modem yang sempat saya gunakan yaitu AHA, Smartfren, dan Bolt 4G. Kecepatan download AHA dan Smartfren kurang lebih sama, namun Smartfren punya coverage area yang lebih baik dan lebih stabil. Sementara Bolt 4G pada titik tertentu bisa luar bisa kencang, namun coverage area nya belum sebaik AHA maupun Smartfren. Mana yang anda gunakan?

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Eiffel Tower, Here I Come!

Sebuah perjalanan yang tak akan terlupakan pada 7 Oktober 2013. Saya akhirnya mendapatkan kesempatan untuk melihat secara langsung, sebuah karya seni yang begitu populer. Oleh Gustave Eiffel, didirikan pada tahun 1889, ya the Eiffel Tower, atau dalam bahasa Prancis nya La Tour Eiffel. Namun ini akan menjadi sebuah perjalanan panjang, karena saya harus berangkat dari Brussels, Belgia, seusai acara Mozilla Summit 2013. Eropa adalah sebuah benua yang besar. Ketika mendapatkan visa Schengen, saya mendapatkan masa 1 bulan untuk visa tersebut, sebuah waktu yang sebetulnya cukup untuk mengelilingi seluruh negara di Eropa. Namun saya harus memilih dengan bijaksana. Akhirnya setelah Belgia, saya memutuskan mengunjungi beberapa negara terdekat yang adalah tetangga dari Belgia. Kebetulan semuanya menarik, yaitu Prancis, Jerman, dan Belanda. Sebuah perjalanan yang saya kiri cukup untuk 2 minggu perjalanan saya.

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Move from Free Google Apps to Gmail with Personal Email Domain Names

When Google announced that the Google Apps emails is not free anymore, it’s quite a problem for me. But i always think that, even if i need extra emails after used 10 free emails, i can still just pay extra for each new emails, but the 10 previous emails still free. But unfortunately, when i activate the business google apps, it says that i will be charged USD50/year for each emails, included the previous 10 emails that was free, will not anymore be free. Wow!

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Book Storage

Have a lot of book collections could be awful when you don't have a proper storage. I like to build custom furniture with wood. I just got my new book storage for my room. I use it not only for book storage, but also other needs. I designed it with no cover on the back, just in case in future i might need it to become as partition, so i can put books on both sides.

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We are a team of web designers and web developers based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We've done many web design projects since 2009. We focus in building good websites with good User Interface (UI) and also User Experience (UX). Our client satisfaction is very important, that's why we give unlimited design revision for our clients. We also expertise to make sure that our clients have a good ranking in Google Search Engine with our SEO experiences.


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Mengapa Web Maintenance Penting?

Kami telah menjalankan bisnis web design dan development sejak tahun 2009. Sekian lama perjalanan kami, memberikan kami pengalaman bekerja sama dengan berbagai jenis client yang datang dari berbagai macam jenis background bisnis yang berbeda-beda.

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SEO Maintenance, Jadi Nomor Satu di Google

SEO atau Search Engine Optimization adalah cara agar website yang kita miliki bisa tampil di halaman pertama pencarian Google. Lewat pengalaman kami 10 tahun di industri website dan online.

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Web & Digital Consultant

Kami memahami bahwa saat ini adalah masa-masa yang sulit bagi perekonomian seluruh dunia. Serangan Coronavirus yang menyebabkan penyakit jenis baru yaitu COVID-19 menyebabkan banyak bisnis terpaksa dihentikan...

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We’ve been building websites and designs for many clients since 2009. Passionate people is one of our key of success in this business.

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My name is Yofie Setiawan, I manage a team of web designers and web developers based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We are experts in building websites with Joomla CMS using Responsive Web Design technology. We also able to help you build mobile apps for Android and iOS. We focus in web design and development business since 2009. If you are interested in hiring us for a project, Contact Us!


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